Hello future writers.

So, you want to be a writer. Maybe for your own personal interest, or to dazzle moviegoers and the hollywood starlets of tomorrow and yesteryear.

My name is Michael Blaney, and I have been working in the industry for thirteen years.

  • I’ve been represented by A-list agencies, such as THE AGENCY, PARADIGM, CRAIG WYCOFF and ASSOCIATES, and PREFERRED ARTISTS.
  • I’ve also been managed by manger/producers Bettina Viviano and Michael L. Meltzer.
  • I’ve had many projects optioned, and am currently developing one of my own ideas with a high caliber A-list producer.
  • I’ve been in countless pitch meetings with producers and high-powered executives.
  • I’ve learned the tools to help others get their scripts to where they need to be.
  • I’ve optioned the skills on how to land a top agent and/or manager, and how to get your material read by top executives.

Whatever your goal for your screenplay, I will do everything I can to assist you with your process.

The reason I started this service is because when I started out, there was no one to help me. The tools I learned to succeed and get where I am today, I learned the hard way.

I also worked with a script broker who was horrible and uncaring about my needs. Each writer is different, with their own needs and abilities Рeach requiring special attention. I offer new writers, as well as experienced ones, the opportunity to fulfill a dream.

Let’s find your goal and do it together.

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