For all first time writers using my service: $40 an hour to discuss your project and goals.

To read your script the first time, and give you notes: $350. 

To give your script a second read, and give you notes: $150. 

To give your script a third pass, with notes: $100. 

I will write a synopsis and logline for your script, so you can market it to the industry, free of charge.

Coaching on the game plan to get your script to producers, agents and managers, and any additional consulting: $50 an hour. 

To get your script to a top manager/producer, who will read your finished script and evaluate it: $400. Based on how the top manager/producer feels, they may decide to assist in the script’s sale or marketing process. This decision is based solely on if they connect personally with the material and see its viability in the industry. 

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